Algo Fractal Card Collection Progress Update

Hello frens and welcome to the fractalverse. Some time has passed since our last update so let’s take a look at where the Algo Fractal Collection stands to date.

Card Progress: 37 / 127 Minted to date
Currently available: 7 cards (3 on secondary)
Largest sale to date: 50 Algo for #001
Current floor: 7 Algo

2 special pizza edition cards were recently delivered. And a second twitter giveaway was held which generated thousands of fractal card impressions. 3 special edition cards are slated to be given away by Yieldly for a future promotion.

We have begun to add preliminary ARC69 trait and rarity data. I will be building that out so that to the full line by next week. You can view traits and sort by rarity on NFTExplorer.

We were able to make a donation to the Surfrider Foundation to assist with coastal water defenses and ocean cleanups. We will be making our next donation after the next drop concludes and would love to hear some input from holders as to which charity they would like us to support.

To date all of our drops have been hosted on AB2 Gallery. I’m currently looking at new marketplaces that better showcase video NFT’s as AB2 has some significant limitations in that regard.

Looking ahead we will continue to build out the card collection with new and unique fractal designs. We are making progress on new drops and alternative methods of NFT distribution. For the latest stay tuned here and drop FR4X a line on twitter anytime. Onwards and upwards.


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