Algobuds x FR4X


Algobuds is one of the first NFT collections that got me into the addictive world of crypto art. The original collection holds a special place as one of the first original profile picture NFT series on Algorand created by Twitter personality Frida Jennifer (@Algorandd) in August 2021.

Algobuds Gen 2 is the next generation and is a collaborative effort between FR4X and Frida Jennifer. A partnership was forged and now Algobuds Gen 2 is headed to the blockchain.

The new series features 3D versions of the original Algobuds. Holders get an animated 3D Algobuds model and a still image that can be used for profile pictures. You can browse the collection at NFTExplorer.

Wen Drop?

Our first drop begins Saturday January 1st at 11 AM EST (16:00 UTC) with a live Twitter auction for Algobud Gen 2 #1.

At the same time the first 10 Algbuds will be available as a discord exclusive shuffle at Algobuds Club. 10 winners will be randomly selected to get the opportunity to purchase the first Gen 2 Algobud releases.


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