Algo Fractal Card Roadmap

127 Algo Fractal Cards will be issued in the collection.

Each card features algorithmically generated fractal art. Each fractal is framed by hand with custom constructed borders, unique backgrounds and lively accents. Cards are signed and sequentially numbered. The final production combines each element in a 3D animated card display.

Cards are issued as 1/1 Algorand NFT’s
Format: 6 – 12 second .mp4 video at 60 fps 1080 x 1080 resolution
100 Original Cards
20 Rares (Holographic, Gold and Latinum)
5 social media giveaway cards
2 final cards will be auctioned to holders
Special drawings for card collectors

Future plans include:
Staking rewards for card holders
Exclusive access to ASA airdrops

Drop Location:

For the latest drop schedule follow this blog or @FR4XAL on Twitter.


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