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Algobuds x FR4X


Algobuds is one of the first NFT collections that got me into the addictive world of crypto art. The original collection holds a special place as one of the first original profile picture NFT series on Algorand created by Twitter personality Frida Jennifer (@Algorandd) in August 2021.

Algobuds Gen 2 is the next generation and is a collaborative effort between FR4X and Frida Jennifer. A partnership was forged and now Algobuds Gen 2 is headed to the blockchain.

The new series features 3D versions of the original Algobuds. Holders get an animated 3D Algobuds model and a still image that can be used for profile pictures. You can browse the collection at NFTExplorer.

Wen Drop?

Our first drop begins Saturday January 1st at 11 AM EST (16:00 UTC) with a live Twitter auction for Algobud Gen 2 #1.

At the same time the first 10 Algbuds will be available as a discord exclusive shuffle at Algobuds Club. 10 winners will be randomly selected to get the opportunity to purchase the first Gen 2 Algobud releases.

Algo Fractal Card Collection Drop 001


The Algo Fractal Card Collection is a series of 127 original fractal art cards. Each card features stunning fractal art generated via algorithmic mathematical vibes.

Available now on the FR4X AB2 Gallery.


Cards 1 – 6 Mandelbrot original series

Cards are individually numbered and feature fractal imagery from the Mandelbrot set. The equation on the card is the simple mathematical formula used to generate the fractal image. The fractal is then colorized and framed in a 3D animated card.


Project details:

NFT specs: All unique 1/1 minted on Algorand as a 12 second .mp4 video @ 60 fps

127 Algo Fractal Cards

100 Originals

20 Rares (Holographic, Gold and Latinum)

5 social media giveaway cards

2 cards raffled to holders

Special drawings for card collectors


Algo Fractal Cards

Rock of Algorand Drop

The Rock of Algorand drop is 7 unique Algo rock NFT’s minted on the Algorand blockchain. Inspired by the famous Plymouth Rock in Plymouth Massachusetts, the site that marks the spot where pilgrims first set foot on North America. In 2019 a new permisionless network set sail to endeavor to solve the blockchain trilemma.

Algo Rocks

Series Releases – Issued:

  • Rock of Algorand 1/1 – SOLD – collector relisted at 200 Algo
  • Rock of Algo – Uncommon – 100 – offered at 1 Algo
  • Tiny Rock Has Big Dreams 10/10 – SOLD OUT, resales available
  • His Master’s Voice – 10 (6 left)
  • Bank On Algorand – 10
  • Wild FLAMINGO Appeared! – 10 (5 left)
  • Algo Rock Foundation – 20 – (11 left)
  • Celestial Algo Rock – 1/1 – Final Release

Available for purchase at the FR4X NFT shop while supplies last.

Intro To Yieldly Article

One sunny day I was inspired to write an intro to Yieldly article. I posted it over on Publish0x as an experiment hoping to get Yieldly and its massive utility in front of more eyeballs. Please like and tip if you have an account (it’s free to tip if you signup).

The article assumes a little bit if crypto knowledge but is a good read to get an overview of what Yieldly offers as the first DeFi app on Algorand.

TLDR; Use Yieldly, and ape into $YLDY via Mexc.