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Algo Fractal Cards Updated with ARC69 Support

The Algo Fractal Card Collection is an ongoing series of tradable NFT art cards. The existing collection has been updated with new ARC69 compatible traits and rarity scores.

Owners can check how cards rank and view the new properties on NFT Explorer. Each card has five traits including background, card type, border fractal set and color theme.

37 Algo Fractal Cards have been released on Algorand blockchain with the series capped at a very prime 127. Stay tuned as there is still more to come to this early FR4X AlgoNFT series with future drops and new utility in the works.

Algo Fractal Card 002

Algo Fractal Card 002


Intro To Yieldly Article

One sunny day I was inspired to write an intro to Yieldly article. I posted it over on Publish0x as an experiment hoping to get Yieldly and its massive utility in front of more eyeballs. Please like and tip if you have an account (it’s free to tip if you signup).

The article assumes a little bit if crypto knowledge but is a good read to get an overview of what Yieldly offers as the first DeFi app on Algorand.

TLDR; Use Yieldly, and ape into $YLDY via Mexc.