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Rock of Algorand Drop

The Rock of Algorand drop is 7 unique Algo rock NFT’s minted on the Algorand blockchain. Inspired by the famous Plymouth Rock in Plymouth Massachusetts, the site that marks the spot where pilgrims first set foot on North America. In 2019 a new permisionless network set sail to endeavor to solve the blockchain trilemma.

Algo Rocks

Series Releases – Issued:

  • Rock of Algorand 1/1 – SOLD – collector relisted at 200 Algo
  • Rock of Algo – Uncommon – 100 – offered at 1 Algo
  • Tiny Rock Has Big Dreams 10/10 – SOLD OUT, resales available
  • His Master’s Voice – 10 (6 left)
  • Bank On Algorand – 10
  • Wild FLAMINGO Appeared! – 10 (5 left)
  • Algo Rock Foundation – 20 – (11 left)
  • Celestial Algo Rock – 1/1 – Final Release

Available for purchase at the FR4X NFT shop while supplies last.

FR4X Algorand NFT Shops

FR4X is currently operating two official NFT shops.

You can view FR4X originals and other curated Algo NFT’s available from our collection.

All purchases through AB2 automatically sends a 10% royalty from the sale price directly to the creator’s address. This is a unique feature made possible through the Algorand blockchain and’s smart contract powered system.

While over at the FR4X AlgoSkull Emporium we have a collection of some of the finest AlgoSkulls on the blockchain.