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Algo Fractal Cards x Yieldly

Three Algo Fractal Cards have been sent to Yieldly Finance for an upcoming NFT prize game. Users that stake on Yieldly can also participate in weekly Algo NFT prize drawings. The site features creators and cool NFT’s from the Algorand artisans. 3 Algo Fractal Cards will be part of an upcoming NFT prize pool.

Simply stake your YLDY and enter the drawing for a chance to win Algorand NFT’s. Each $YLDY token you stake gets you one entry. I’ll update the blog once the Algo fractal cards drawing goes live.

If you’re unfamiliar with Yieldly, it’s a no loss lottery and staking platform for Algorand. You can learn more in this Intro to Yieldly article I wrote a few months ago.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the planned offerings…


Drop 002 Is Now Live on AB2

Algo Fractal Cards 12 – 20 have now been released onto the Algorand blockchain. You can view the latest cards in the series on our AB2 Gallery. Be sure to click to view each NFT’s detail page to see the full animation. Sold and past releases can be viewed on the creations tab.

Highlights in this release include the first Algorand project inspired cards. We are celebrating the launch of‘s new DEX today with the #014, Yieldly.Finance flamingos are flying on card #013 and the new music service Opulous is on blast on #016. Apple also gets an #AlgoNFT nod on card #017 with a 6 color theme to honor Steve Job’s legacy.

20% of sales today will be donated to support oil spill recovery efforts in Orange County, California.


Algo Fractal Card Roadmap

127 Algo Fractal Cards will be issued in the collection.

Each card features algorithmically generated fractal art. Each fractal is framed by hand with custom constructed borders, unique backgrounds and lively accents. Cards are signed and sequentially numbered. The final production combines each element in a 3D animated card display.

Cards are issued as 1/1 Algorand NFT’s
Format: 6 – 12 second .mp4 video at 60 fps 1080 x 1080 resolution
100 Original Cards
20 Rares (Holographic, Gold and Latinum)
5 social media giveaway cards
2 final cards will be auctioned to holders
Special drawings for card collectors

Future plans include:
Staking rewards for card holders
Exclusive access to ASA airdrops

Drop Location:

For the latest drop schedule follow this blog or @FR4XAL on Twitter.

Next Drop Alert – 002

Next FR4X drop is happening this Thursday Oct 7 @ 3:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM PDT / 19:00 UTC.

You can view this drop and other upcoming Algorand artist releases on

Algo Fractal Card Collection Drop 001


The Algo Fractal Card Collection is a series of 127 original fractal art cards. Each card features stunning fractal art generated via algorithmic mathematical vibes.

Available now on the FR4X AB2 Gallery.


Cards 1 – 6 Mandelbrot original series

Cards are individually numbered and feature fractal imagery from the Mandelbrot set. The equation on the card is the simple mathematical formula used to generate the fractal image. The fractal is then colorized and framed in a 3D animated card.


Project details:

NFT specs: All unique 1/1 minted on Algorand as a 12 second .mp4 video @ 60 fps

127 Algo Fractal Cards

100 Originals

20 Rares (Holographic, Gold and Latinum)

5 social media giveaway cards

2 cards raffled to holders

Special drawings for card collectors


Algo Fractal Cards